A Personal Injury Mediator in Jacksonville FL Can Help

If you have been harmed by the negligence of another, you have a right to be compensated for your personal injuries.  However, claimants in a personal injury matter should be aware that unless their provable, reasonable and necessary medical expenses exceed $10,000, it may be difficult to find an attorney to take their case.  Fortunately, mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method that is a good option or resolving personal injury claims.  A personal injury mediator in Jacksonville FL can help you mediate your personal injury claim in less time and for less money than a traditional court case.   If mediation sounds like a good option to you, contact a personal injury mediator in Jacksonville FL for a consultation.

Depending upon the circumstances, in most personal injury cases, the claimant will be negotiating and settling with an insurance company.  By the time the personal injury mediation begins, the claimant will likely have already made several telephone calls to the insurance adjuster, and will probably have already given a statement and authority for the insurance adjuster to obtain medical bills related to the injuries.  However, if the claimant attempts to self-negotiate a settlement at that point, it will likely be less than the case is really worth.  But if the claimant is forced to hire an attorney, there will be attorney’s fees and expenses deducted from the settlement.

Opting for personal injury mediation instead of litigation is a less expensive and more efficient method of alternative dispute resolution that is more advantageous than self-negotiation.  When personal injury cases are mediated, a personal injury mediator functions as the facilitator to guide productions settlement negotiations between the parties, which can be especially helpful in personal injury cases where there is a power differential between the insurance company and the claimant.