The Anatomy of Mediating Employment Disputes in Palm Bay FL

An effective way to resolve employment disputes in Palm Bay Florida is to mediate them.  Mediating employment disputes in Palm Bay Florida includes the following critical components:

Selecting the Mediator

The parties get to choose who will assist them in resolving their case.  The parties can consider a number of factors when selecting the mediator, such as the type of legal dispute involved, the industry, the mediator’s style or the mediator’s track record.

Pre-Mediation Contact

The mediator will likely have some contact with the parties before mediation.  This is to introduce the mediator to the parties as well as to gather information about the case.  The mediator may also use time before mediation to clarify any issues, ask questions or request information. 

Opening Statements

When the parties arrive to mediation, the mediator will discuss his or her role and establish ground rules.  Then one party presents his or her perspective on the case.  The other party is usually instructed not to interrupt and then can share his or her perspective after the first party is finished.

Information Gathering

After the opening statements, the mediator may divide the parties and talk to them one-on-one.  During this time, he or she may gather information about why the problems arose and what each party is hoping to achieve throughout the process of mediation. 


With a better understanding of the parties’ interests, the mediator may funnel information and offers and counteroffers back and forth. If the parties agree, they sign an agreement and successfully resolve their dispute.