Are You Looking for an Employment Mediator in Jacksonville FL?

More and more parties involved in employment disputes are opting to have their disagreements mediated in order to avoid the wasted time and expense of a protracted lawsuit. Employment mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process where a trained employment mediator in Jacksonville FL can assist you in your attempts to reach a settlement with the other party to the dispute. If you are seeking to resolve your employment dispute in the timeliest and cost efficient manner possible, contact an employment mediator in Jacksonville FL for a consultation.

Unlike in a traditional lawsuit, the outcome of a mediated dispute is determined by the parties themselves rather than a judge or jury. An employment mediator simply facilitates productive communications between disputing parties who feel they have reached an impasse in negotiations. Additionally, since employment mediation is non-adversarial, its more cooperative approach can help disputing parties maintain an amicable relationship after a mutually satisfactory agreement has been reached.

Employment mediation is also a quicker way to resolve employment disputes out-of-court. Depending upon the circumstances, some disputes can be resolved in just one session through mediation. However, the primary reason many parties to a legal dispute choose mediation over litigation is the benefit of cost reduction. Without the expenses of court and attorneys’ fees, the parties only pay for the mediator costs, which may be shared by the mediating parties. If you are considering mediation and are looking for an employment mediator, be sure to find someone experienced in the subject matter of your dispute.