Avoiding Complex Corporate Litigation in Pensacola Florida

Complex corporate litigation in Pensacola Florida is lengthy and expensive.  These cases often drag on for years and cost the corporations involved thousands upon thousands of dollars in legal fees.  These cases drain company resources, may damage company morale, and often attract bad press.  However, there are ways to avoid complex corporate litigation in Pensacola Florida.  One such way is to use mediation to settle these disputes before they escalate.

Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution that takes the battle out of the courtroom.  Mediation allows the parties to work with a mediator, who serves as a neutral, to create their own settlement agreement.  The parties remain in control of the decisions made in mediation; the mediator’s role is to assist the parties with discussions.

Many parties think that mediation only addresses disputes between one plaintiff and one defendant.  However, this is not the case.  In fact, mediation may be used to settle multiparty disputes that would have otherwise taken years to resolve in the courtroom.  There are a number of ways mediators can handle these disputes.  For example, the mediator may divide the parties into groups depending on their positions in the case, and mediate issues between certain groups over a few sessions.

Mediators may also mediate complex corporate litigation cases by focusing on certain issues first.  Often, resolving bigger issues in the case resolves smaller issues as well.  This saves time and money that may have been spent litigating all of the issues in the case.