Avoiding Pitfalls in Mediating Complex Corporate Disputes in Palm Bay Florida

One effective way of resolving complex corporate disputes in Palm Bay Florida is by using mediation.   However, parties must be aware of possible pitfalls involved in corporate disputes in Palm Bay Florida.   By being aware of these potential issues, they can take strides to avoid them.

Poor Timing 

While mediation can be launched at any point in the process, there may be times when the parties simply are not prepared to resolve their dispute.   For example, they may believe wholeheartedly in their position and may not be ready to accept a compromise.   They may not have conducted discovery and may not have enough support for their case.   Mediation can be particularly effective when the parties are both open-minded about the possibility of settling the case and want to hear the opinion of a professional about the possible outcomes that can occur if the case is not settled.

Lack of Good Faith 

Mediation must be completed in good faith in order to be effective.   When the parties are able to see the benefits of mediation such as the ability to save their business the time, expense and negative publicity associated with litigation, they can often settle the claim in a mutually satisfactory way.   However, if the parties are only trying mediation because it was forced on them or because they want more information from the other side, they are less likely to be successful.

Authority Representatives 

People with authority to settle the case may not be present, causing delays and a possible obstacle to settling.   Parties should ensure that representatives with authority to settle the case are present for mediation.