What You Can Expect to Get from an Employment Mediator in Palm Bay FL

Employers and employees who have reached an impasse may turn to an employment mediator in Palm Bay Florida for assistance and to avoid the hassle of going to court.  An effective employment mediator in Palm Bay Florida will ensure that both parties involved in mediation acquire:

Ability to Express His or Her Viewpoint

One of the greatest advantages of mediation is the ability of the parties to freely discuss the underlying problems and express their own perspective.  In litigation, the information that the parties state is often guided by the lawyer representing him or her.  Also, the parties cannot say anything directly to each other.  Mediation allows the parties to communicate together and work on resolving their dispute with mutual respect and effort.

A Realistic View of the Issues

Meeting with a mediator can bring clarity to the dispute.  The mediator can talk to each party separately where he or she can talk privately about the problems that are going on.  He or she can help uncover some of the underlying issues as well as narrow down on the issues that are involved in the dispute.  This clarity can help the parties see the issues with a new perspective.

A Willingness to Compromise

An effective mediator will discuss the possibilities if the parties do not come to an amicable agreement in mediation.  This often includes intensive investigations by outside agencies, public scrutiny and expensive litigation.  He or she can discuss what courts have held in recent rulings to give the parties a better idea about what to expect outside of mediation, which often inspires them to compromise in mediation.