Common Traits of Complex Corporate Litigation in Orlando FL

Complex corporate litigation in Orlando Florida is a unique subset of litigation. It contains certain characteristic that makes it different than most other types of laws. Some common traits associated with complex corporate litigation in Orlando Florida include the following: 

Multiple Parties

Corporate litigation often involves many parties with competing interests. Stockholders, business partners, consumers, multiple businesses and directors may be involved. Vendors, contractors and subcontractors may make up plaintiffs or defendants or cross parties in this type of litigation. With so many different parties, moving through this intricate web can be complicated.

Conflicting Interests

So many parties often bring about competing interests that make alternatives like mediation less feasible. Each party may want compensation, a contract enforced in a different way or different arrangements that can make settlement difficult. This often raises the cost associated with handling this type of case and increases the timeline for when a solution may be reached.

Complex Issues

This type of litigation often involves complex legal issues. The particular legal issue may not have been tried in the applicable jurisdiction, jurisdictional issues may be at the center of the case or choice of law provisions can make it difficult to determine which set of laws applies to the case.

Discovery Is Extensive

With complex corporate litigation, discovery may require its own team to handle. Corporate documents that are requested or sent may be extensive, stemming from multiple years. Companies may provide more information than is necessary simply to inundate the opposing side. Requests for production and responses to interrogatories may be carefully prepared by counsel, making every possible challenge in the process.