Complex Corporate Litigation in Brevard County: What to Expect

Complex corporate litigation in Brevard County is different than typical litigation cases.  As such, these types of cases require someone who is equipped to handle the challenges that they pose.  Some things to expect from complex corporate litigation in Brevard County include:

More Parties Involved 

In complex corporate litigation, there are usually more parties involved.  There may be multiple plaintiffs, defendants, intervenors or parties who are brought in by the motion of a party.  Having more individuals involved in litigation often makes a case more complicated because there are competing interests.  This can also make the process take longer because multiple parties may be providing answers, objections and motions that must then be responded to by the other parties.

Extensive Discovery 

Complex corporate litigation may involve complicated matters, which makes evidence collected during the discovery process even longer and more significant.  There may be multiple requests made during the discovery process.  Depositions may be scheduled, and multiple parties may be involved in this process.


Due to the parties and issues involved, it is common in complex corporate litigation for there to be delays.  This may be because a party could not find or did not provide information at the time requested, motions by the parties, scheduling conflicts or other issues that can slow down the process.