Consider Hiring an Employment Mediator in Jacksonville FL

While it is not unusual for disputes to arise in the workplace, there are alternative dispute resolution methods available for employers and employees who wish to resolve their differences outside of the court room.  If you are involved in an employment dispute, an employment mediator in Jacksonville Florida can be very useful in helping you reach a settlement agreement.  If you are looking for a less costly and less time consuming way of reaching a settlement, contact an experienced employment mediator in Jacksonville Florida for a consultation.

Countless Florida employers and employees have been able to find resolution to their disputes without a protracted and expensive court battle by opting for employment mediation as opposed to litigation.  Mediation employs the skills of an impartial mediator who facilitates productive communications between the disputing parties with the goal of assisting them in their efforts to find a mutually acceptable settlement agreement.  A mediator does not make a final decision in the matter like a judge in a traditional court case.  Rather, a trained mediator helps to accelerate the negotiation process where the participating parties craft their own agreement, which is then memorialized in writing to form a binding contract.

The costs of mediation are typically shared between the parties, reducing expenses for everyone.   If you are struggling with an employment dispute and have come to an impasse in your efforts to resolve the problem and before you invest your time and money in a stressful and costly employment lawsuit, you may want to consider employment mediation.