Considerations in Complex Corporate Litigation in Jacksonville FL

Complex corporate litigation in Jacksonville Florida often involves multiple parties and large stakes.  Millions of dollars and contract rights might be at the heart of the dispute.  Some things to consider if contemplating complex corporate litigation in Jacksonville Florida include:


It is not uncommon for cases of this nature to involve millions of dollars in legal expenses and costs.  Consider the potential legal cost of the dispute and ask for an estimate from your lawyer.  However, keep in mind that trials can be unpredictable.  Even if you start out as the plaintiff in the case, you may quickly find that you are being counter-sued for some aspect of the case or even a completely different matter.  This will require additional attorney hours and preparation.  One way to get a better idea on the financial costs associated with the case is to ask your attorney for a range of what each phase of the case will cost, such as pleadings, discovery and motions for summary judgment.


Many attorneys may provide assistance for complex commercial cases.  Some may be primarily responsible for investigating and discovery while others may serve as trial attorneys.  Be sure that you know why each individual is on the team and what his or her specific role in the case is.


Be conscious of potential alternatives to litigation.  Mediation, arbitration or other forms of conflict resolution may be able to resolve the dispute for less money and in a timely manner.