Creative Solutions for Complex Corporate Litigation in Tampa FL

Complex corporate litigation in TampaFlorida is often complicated, time-consuming and expensive, given the multiple parties involved and the issues at stake.  However, complex corporate litigation in TampaFlorida does not have to result in a long, drawn-out court battle.  Mediation can often help the parties work together to come up with a solution that is customized to fit their needs.  By embracing this process, the parties may be able to come up with creative solutions for the complex issues plaguing the parties.

A significant advantage of mediation is the ability of the parties to be able to select the person who will help them resolve their case.  This allows them to select someone with specific subject matter expertise, such as a person with an extensive corporate or business background.  When a corporate litigation mediator has specific knowledge of the issues that are involved in the particular coupled with the skill to negotiate corporate transactions, the parties can reap enormous benefits.  The mediator can consider the issues and interests that are important to the directors of the company, the other party, stakeholders and others involved in the process.

Using a mediator experienced in this realm provides the potential for the parties to reach a creative solution that was not provided in a contract and that may not be available as a remedy from the court.   Potential solutions may include modifying an existing contract, creating a licensing agreement.  Including other contracts with the original one in question, establishing a new formula to deal with an issue or assigning work to another party.  The options are often limitless for the participants of mediation.