Creative Solutions to Resolve Employment Disputes in Melbourne FL

Many employment disputes in Melbourne Florida start with a narrow focus.  An employee may believe that the only way to a just resolution is to sue the employer and wait for a court order awarding damages.  However, employment disputes in Melbourne Florida can effectively resolved through a mediation process which helps the parties analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their case, review legal claims and assess the potential success of defenses.  Some creative solutions that may help resolve the dispute include:

Offer an Apology

People often underestimate the power of a sincere apology.  An apology can help the parties reach middle ground and can re-characterize their relationship as they try to work together toward a resolution of the legal issues together.  Parties who are able to express themselves and share their emotions can avoid repressing these difficult emotions.  A mediator can acknowledge these feelings and point out this side’s perspective on things to the other side of the legal controversy.  After the parties address the emotional aspects of their case, they may be able to focus on the rational side of things.


If the ultimate decision comes down to a numeric agreement, bracketing can be an effective way to narrow the focus and get the parties where they want to be.  A bracket sets a high and low limit for a potential agreement and the parties move along this spectrum as the case proceeds.  A bracket gives both parties a sense of peace because they know the relative range for agreement.

New Ideas for the Future

There may be opportunities for positive developments in the future, such as the parties working on building a new program or modifying a policy to avoid similar situations in the future.