Do You Need an Employment Mediator in Tallahassee FL

It has become more common for both Florida employees and employers to opt in favor of employment mediation over employment litigation.  And considering the time, expense and stress of a court case, it’s no wonder.  Those seeking a quicker, cheaper and easier way of resolving their employment disputes should contact an employment mediator in Tallahassee FL.  Regardless of whether you are the employee or employer in an employment dispute, no one enjoys being involved in a lawsuit.  A trained employment mediator in Tallahassee FL can help you resolve your dispute without having to step foot in a court room.

An employment law covers a wide range of activities and behaviors in the workplace.  Some of the more common types of employment law violation disputes involve: 

  • Discrimination

Workplace allegations of wrongful termination due to discrimination based on gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation are some of the most common employment claims.  

  • Harassment

Employment disputes regarding sexual harassment or harassment based another discriminatory reason often involve both a differing perceptions regarding conduct, in addition to disagreements over legal standards.    

  • Wage and Hour Violations

Workplace disputes related to allegations of wage and hour violations often go along with employee/independent contractor misclassification claims.

Employment mediation can help bring resolution to just about any workplace dispute.  Mediation utilizes the skills knowledge base of a trained mediator who facilitates effective communications between the disputing parties so that they may reach their own mutually satisfactory settlement agreement on their own.

A good employment dispute mediator should be able to quickly identify the underlying problems and relevant issues in the dispute, while also being able to inject flexibility, fairness and creativity into the disputing parties’ employment mediation sessions.  If you are involved in an employment dispute and would like to know more about mediation, contact a local employment mediator.