E-Discovery Concerns in Complex Corporate Disputes in Brevard County, Florida

Complex corporate disputes in Brevard County, Florida often involve extensive discovery.  With the advent of business correspondence through email, text messages and other electronic means, e-discovery serves an even more integral part of these types of cases.  Of particular concern in complex corporate disputes in Brevard County, Florida are the following issues:

Massive Amounts of Data

Many electronic records have exponentially expanded over the last couple of decades.  If large amounts of data are requested in discovery, a business may have to expend valuable resources to try to reproduce this data.  When a requesting party receives this information, it also takes considerable time to comb through it.

Difficulty Narrowing Terms

Although electronic databases and the ability to search with keywords has made the e-discovery process simpler in some respects, it can also be difficult for businesses to really know which documents may be relevant. Keywords are often used.  However, a document that contains a misspelled keyword or a variation of a keyword may not be located during this process.

Protecting Privilege

Another difficulty in e-discovery is the difficulty of balancing confidential and privileged information with the mandates of the discovery process. Businesses may have confidential information related to customers or correspondence with their lawyers that should not be disclosed.

An experienced lawyer can help with these e-discovery issues and other potential challenges during complex corporate litigation.