Minimizing Conflict Involved in Employment Disputes in Palm Bay Florida

Few disputes are more damaging to the reputation of a business than employment disputes in Palm Bay Florida.   A lawsuit can spell disaster for a business that can easily pay six figures in legal fees and may face a sizable award from a jury.   Additionally, employment disputes in Palm Bay Florida can result in shaking up management and affecting the bottom line of the business.   Due to these potential serious ramifications, a strategy that eliminates these possibilities is warranted.

Mediation is an effective alternative to traditional litigation.   It is a non-binding process that allows the parties to accept or reject any potential proposed settlement offer.   The mediator is a professional neutral who helps bridge the gap between the parties.   However, any settlement between the parties is freely entered into and not imposed on the parties.   Mediation is a confidential process, and the parties are generally prohibited from discussing anything mentioned in mediation at any later hearing.

Mediation can effectively resolve a number of common disputes that arise in the workplace.   This includes handling cases in which an employee alleges harassment by a supervisor or coworker, discrimination claims when an employee believes his or her age, disability, race, religion, color, sex or national origin caused him or her to be terminated or not be promoted.   An employee may allege that he or she was terminated without good cause if he or she had an employment contractor.   Employees may also allege that they have not been properly compensated and may allege unpaid wage claims.   Mediation can effectively resolve all of these disputes in a neutral and compassionate manner.