Employment Disputes in Tallahassee FL that Can Be Resolved through Mediation

While not all employment disputes in Tallahassee Florida are appropriate for mediation, this process can be used for surprisingly many of the common disputes that arise in the employment context.  Some of the employment disputes in Tallassee Florida that can be successfully resolved through mediation include:

Employee Interpersonal Issues

Mediation can help employees resolve disputes with other employees.  Employee issues can easily go from a small problem to a significant issue that has the potential to affect the business and employee morale.  Mediation allows fellow employees to resolve their disputes in a confidential manner that also empowers them to do this work for themselves.

Performance Problems

If an employee receives a negative performance review, he or she may react in a negative view.  He or she may also be afraid to ask any further questions about the review for fear of punishment.  However, an open and honest conversation with the help of a mediator can help identify communication problems, misunderstandings and expectations regarding job responsibilities.


Many people feel slighted when they are terminated from their position.  They may even consider taking legal action.  In some situations, an employer may wish to head off any potential problems by participating in the mediation process in regard to an impending termination.  Through mediation, the parties can work out a severance package or agreement regarding a recommendation to make rather than focusing on the negative.  This often makes partings more peaceful in nature.


Harassment complaints can sometimes be resolved through the mediation process.  The process can help clear up misunderstandings while showing the affected individual that the complaint is taken seriously.