Employment Mediator in Gainesville FL on In-House Mediation

An employment mediator in Gainesville Florida can explain the benefits of having an in-house mediation program. Sometimes small problems can turn into huge obstacles for a company to work through. An employment mediator in Gainesville Florida can underscore the advantages of having quick access to this highly effective form of conflict resolution.

For many employment disputes, there are negative repercussions. Good employees are lost in the process and productivity comes to a halt. Employee morale often suffers in the face of conflict. An expensive lawsuit can impact the reputation of the business. For these reasons, many companies provide their personnel with easy access to mediation so that they can effectively and privately resolve workplace disputes in a cost-efficient manner.

Mediation provides an appropriate forum for employees to air their grievances. They are guided by a professional mediator who gives them an opportunity to discuss what has led to conflict in the workplace and to brainstorm possible resolutions to the problem. The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission estimates that in approximately 85 percent of the cases that it mediates that there is a settlement. Having mediation as an in-house option can even prevent disputes from making it to an agency like the EEOC.

A successful in-house mediation program relies on using a mediator who is experienced in employment law matters. It is also critical that the person is considered neutral and does not have any allegiance to any particular party. An in-house mediator may be contacted on an as-needed basis if preferred by the company.