Key Qualities in an Employment Mediator in Palm Bay FL

When employees and employers reach an impasse in a work-related legal issue, they may turn to an employment mediator in Palm Bay Florida.  An employment mediator in Palm Bay Florida may be able to help the parties resolve their legal disputes by using the following skills:

Emotional Intelligence

Skilled mediators will not try to deprive the parties of their opportunity to discuss their emotions.  They are not only concerned with the legal matter at hand but also with the emotional reasons for why the problem arose in the first place.  When the parties have the opportunity to discuss their feelings of betrayal, frustration or not feeling appreciated, they are often able to resolve their dispute.

Active Listening

Mediators do not follow the trend of most people who are thinking about what they are going to say next instead of listening.  Instead, they focus on what the person is saying so they can retain more information and have a better grasp of the issues at hand.


Mediators help to clarify the issues and make the parties feel heard by asking appropriate follow-up questions.  These questions may center upon what the parties hope to accomplish with the process of mediation or to draw out more information from the parties.  Providing thought-provoking feedback allows the parties to move away from their respective positions and toward a possible settlement.  Many mediation sessions are concluded when the parties have a better understanding of the other side’s perspective as well as a realization of how a settlement can best affect their interests.