Employment Mediator in Melbourne FL Sets the Stage

An employment mediator in Melbourne Florida is aware of the stakes involved in mediation and uses a number of strategies to encourage the parties toward an amicable resolution of their case.  Many of the strategies an employment mediator in Melbourne Florida employ begin before mediation starts or during the early stages of mediation.

A mediator may have a pre-hearing conference call with parties separately or together.  This call helps identify the issues that need to be resolved and identifies the parties who should be available at mediation.  This strategy also helps the parties consider different ways of presenting their case and theorizing why the problem arose in the first place.

Once the parties arrive at mediation, the mediator can take further steps to encourage a positive exchange between the parties, such as warmly greeting them to mediation, thanking everyone for showing up to mediation and expressing the desire to help the parties successfully resolve their case in a way that they are both satisfied with.  The mediator explains his or her role in the process and that he or she does not represent either party and is only interested in helping the parties explore ways of resolving their case.