Employment Mediator in Tampa FL Gives Three Tips to Success

An employment mediator in TampaFlorida helps employers and employees resolve disputes that disrupt the workplace, including interpersonal issues between employees, harassment complaints and wrongful termination claims.  While not every mediation case will be successful, an employment mediator in TampaFlorida can recommend ways to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome, such as:

Consider the Best and Worst Case Scenario

A mediator may recommend carefully considering the best and worst case scenarios involved in the case.  By considering the worst case scenario, the parties may be afraid to continue the case with litigation.  By considering the best case scenario, the parties are aware that they do not have to settle at all costs.  However, a settlement can often represent the best case scenario for all parties involved.

Reframe the Issue

Another effective strategy is to reframe the issue.  This allows the parties to step back from their respective positions in order to identify the real problem.  In this manner, they can look at the issue as an opportunity to fix something.  This can often help the parties work together instead of against each other.

Explore Other Options

Some parties may be bogged down by not being creative.  They may think that there is only one possible solution.  However, this is hardly ever the case.  In employment matters in particular, there are often a variety of different options available, including reassignment, restructuring of a position, the formation of a new task force, a recommendation letter or any other of a million possible solutions.