What to Expect from Good Personal Injury Mediation in Brevard County, Florida

To avoid litigation, many parties are turning to personal injury mediation in Brevard County, Florida.  This process begins with both parties giving opening statements about the accident and their position.  A professional mediator then separates the parties and commences the mediation process.  Good personal injury mediation in Brevard County, Florida includes the following components:

Emphasis on Communication

A good mediator keeps the parties talking.  He or she asks questions of the parties to clarify information and develop a better understanding.  He or she can shuttle this information back and forth between the parties.  If the parties reach an impasse, the mediator can often employ methods to reframe the issue and keeps the parties negotiating.

Understanding of Weaknesses

A good mediator can help explain the weaknesses of each side of the case.  Sometimes personal injury victims or insurance companies may have a slanted view of their case.  A mediator can point out these weaknesses to give a more realistic perspective of the case.


A good mediator may help reason with personal injury victims to get them to lower their demand or with an insurance company to increase their offer.  Often, the parties can reach a point in the middle with which they are both satisfied.


A good mediator can explain the possible alternatives to mediation, such as having the worst outcome in.  This alternative may result in consequences that the parties did not fully contemplate.