What to Expect in Mediation Regarding Employment Disputes in Tampa FL

Employment disputes in Tampa Florida can result in significant consequences for businesses, including acquiring a negative reputation, adversely affecting employee morale and subjecting the business to incredible liability. In order to avert these consequences, many businesses have moved to including mediation clauses in their employment contracts as a way of effectively handling employment disputes in Tampa Florida. Participants can expect the following process:

Opening Statement

Mediation usually begins with a meeting in which the mediator sits down with the parties and their legal representation if applicable. The mediator describes the process that will follow. He or she explains his or her role as a neutral facilitator and not as a decision maker. He or she also describes that the proceedings are confidential and cannot be used by the parties or the mediator in court.

Opposing Positions

Each side then has an opportunity to describe his or her position. He or she may explain what led up to the dispute and what he or she hopes to gain from the process.


Next, mediation usually involves private caucuses. The mediator meets with each side separate from the other. Here, more confidential information may be exchanged which the mediator is not allowed to reveal unless given permission to do so. The mediator discusses the side’s position and interests. The mediator takes offers and counteroffers between the parties.

Settlement Agreement

If the parties are able to resolve their dispute, a formal settlement agreement is drawn up and signed by both parties.