Guiding Your Client through an Employment Dispute in Tallahassee FL

With more and more businesses emerging, the likelihood that you will be embroiled in an employment dispute in Tallahassee Florida is more likely.  While litigation serves its role, many employers and employees are turning to the process of mediation to help resolve their disputes.  For many businesses, mediation is the preferred method of handling an employment dispute in Tallahassee Florida and provisions requiring it are included in many personnel handbooks.   Counsel for the employer and for the employee serves a pivotal role in this process, including his or her ability to guide the client through this unique process.

An employment lawyer can explain that the objective of mediation is to seek a resolution.  Unlike arbitration, it is not about seeking justice.  Instead, the focus is on solving a problem and negotiating an agreement.  The ultimate resolution does not have to be what the court would have decided.  Likewise, the mediation settlement can provide for remedies that the court does not have the power to impose.

An employment lawyer can also assist with the process of mediation by developing a deep understanding of the issues that led to conflict.  It is likely that strong feelings such as anger, resentment, bitterness and frustration may be at play.  The lawyer can help the client understand that these emotions are natural, but that they should not cloud his or her judgment of making a rational decision during the mediation process.  The lawyer can also advocate for the client during mediation by explaining the effect that the case has had on him or her.