What Happens at Mediation of Complex Corporate Litigation in Brevard County Florida

Due to the valuable benefits of mediation, more and more cases are being resolved through this process, including complex corporate litigation in Brevard County Florida.  When parties agree to mediate their case, it is important that they have a solid understanding of this process.  Parties who agree to mediate cases involving complex corporate litigation in Brevard County Florida should expect the following:


A mediator is not a judge in any way.  He or she is a neutral third party.  He or she may point out strengths, weaknesses or recent court results, but he or she is not on either side.  The mediator’s role is to try to get the parties to settle their claims in a fair fashion in which both parties are satisfied with the results.  After introducing the parties, the mediator often talks to each party in a separate room and funnels information and settlement offers back and forth.

Many Parties

For mediation to be effective, the parties must have all stakeholders at mediation or at least available.  This may mean that multiple people will be present at such mediation, including owners of businesses, directors, insurance companies and other interested parties.

Reality Check

Sometimes parties jump into litigation without a realistic perspective about what this process may entail.  A mediator may explain the downfalls of litigating a case of this nature, such as complicated jurisdictional issues, massive legal expenses, time-consuming depositions and hearings and the possibility of a long appeal.