How a Good Personal Injury Mediator in Jacksonville FL Can Help

Mediation has been successfully used as an effective alternative dispute resolution procedure to resolve a variety of legal disputes, including personal injury claims.  A personal injury mediator in Jacksonville FL is available to assist those involved in personal injury cases who wish to bypass an expensive and time-consuming lawsuit in order to reach an out-of-court settlement agreement.  If you are a party in a personal injury case, contact a personal injury mediator in Jacksonville FL today to find out if mediation is right for you.

A trained personal injury mediator can help disputing parties in a personal injury claim in their efforts to create a mutually satisfactory settlement agreement.  It is not the role of a mediator to impose a decision upon disputing parties like a judge in a court case.  Rather, a mediator works to promote productive communications between the parties in order to assist them in their attempts to reach a negotiated settlement.

Different personal injury mediators have different mediation styles and strategies they use to assist their clients in finding a mutually acceptable resolution.  Some mediators employ a more facilitative approach, others use a more evaluative approach, while the best mediators use a combination of both mediation methods.  A facilitative mediator focuses more on helping the parties come to an agreement on their own, and is less inclined to offer an opinion on the matter at hand.   An evaluative mediator evaluates the relevant issues presented, and then offers an opinion as to what the parties should do to settle their dispute.  The most effective personal injury mediators excel in facilitating communications between disputing parties, but do not hesitate to evaluate the validity of a position and offer suggestions for settlement when the time is right.  It takes experience for a mediator to know how and when to use each approach.