Implementing Mediation for Complex Corporate Litigation in Brevard County Florida

Complex corporate litigation in Brevard County is often complicated and expensive.   One way to minimize the risk that being involved in complex corporate litigation in Brevard County poses is to use mediation.   Mediating these types of cases provide many benefits, including the following:

Tailored Solutions

Mediation allows the parties to arrive at an agreement that they help develop.   This agreement can include any arrangements as agreed by the parties so long as the agreement is legal.   This allows for more creative solutions, such as modifying a contract, establishing subsidiary agreements, making arrangements for new plans and other tailored solutions.

Minimized Monetary Payout

Because of the potential for more creative solutions, there may be a decreased reliance on monetary damages, the common type of damages in litigation.   Being able to reach a solution that does not rely primarily on money damages can help minimize the business’ potential liability.   Due to this possibility, many businesses include language in their contracts that if a dispute does arise that the parties agree to participate in mediation.

Better Relationships

Because mediation relies on the parties’ openly and honestly communicating either directly or with the help of the mediator’s assistance by funneling communications back and forth, the parties are often able to maintain better relationships.   Litigation is likely to sever all ties between the parties while mediation allows the parties to preserve these important relationships.