Key Benefits of Using a Personal Injury Mediator in Orlando FL

A personal injury mediator in Orlando Florida is an impartial person who has acquired specific training to help aid parties who are embroiled in a legal dispute often involving car accidents and other types of accidents. Mediators help the parties reach a solution outside of court that meets both of their needs. Some of the key benefits of using a personal injury mediator in OrlandoFloridainclude:

Ability to Preserve Privacy

Mediation protects the privacy of both parties. Defendants do not want to have a bad reputation as a business or private party. Plaintiffs may not want to reveal information about their medical conditions and personal ways accidents have affected their lives. The information shared in mediation cannot be shared by either party or by the mediator.


When a case goes to trial, the parties effectively turn over decision making power to a judge or jury. This often imposes uncertainty as the decisions are left to another party. In mediation, parties are able to make their own decisions and know what they are agreeing to ahead of time. The parties are able to move on after mediation, knowing that the case has been resolved rather than worrying about the jury’s decision or a possible appeal.

Less Time

Parties to mediation can often reach a settlement. This allows the plaintiff to receive compensation faster. It prevents the defendant from being tied up with a case for years to come. It can also mean that a lawyer’s expense is decreased significantly.