Key Questions for a Personal Injury Mediator in Gainesville FL

A personal injury mediator in Gainesville FL begins the mediation session by explaining what mediation is and what his or her role is.  Some of the common questions that a personal injury mediator in Gainesville FL often answers include:

What Exactly Is Mediation?

Mediation takes a conflict out of the courtroom and puts it in the hands of the parties to resolve.  A neutral third party guides negotiations during this voluntary process.  In comparison to litigation, mediation is much less formal.  The personal injury victim may be represented by his or her personal injury lawyer and be shuttled into one room while the insurance adjuster and defense counsel may be in another room.  During mediation, the mediator tries to get the parties to reach common ground.

What Benefits are there to Personal Injury Mediation?

Personal injury mediation can serve the interests of both parties.  The process often helps resolve the case faster so that the victim does not have to worry about prolonging recovery for possibly years when he or she needs the funds to catch up on medical bills and other financial obligations.  The defendant does not have to live in limbo or be in fear of a sizeable jury verdict.  At the same time, both parties are free to communicate about the accident that led to the case without having to worry about discussing private medical information in open court.  Many parties wind up with settlements that they believe are fair since they played a pivotal role in their development.