Keys to Successfully Mediating Complex Corporate Disputes in Palm Bay Florida

Complex corporate disputes in Palm Bay Florida often involve complicated situations that can be time-consuming and expensive to litigate.   To avoid this route, some parties involved in complex corporate disputes in Palm Bay Florida may consider using mediation as an alternative.   This process can help save the parties time, money and frustration.   Some ways to make the most out of the mediation experience include:

Get the Proper Parties to the Table

Complex corporate disputes often involve multiple businesses, insurance companies and other parties.   It is pivotal that the parties who have settlement authority be present at the mediation or at least be able to be reached to confirm acceptance of a settlement.   This important step can help prevent the parties negotiating for multiple hours or days without being able to reach a final resolution because the proper parties were not present.

Consider the Benefits of Mediation 

A mediator can discuss the benefits of mediation, such as the ability to come up with solutions that the court would not ordinarily order and the ability for the parties to engage in a confidential resolution process.

Get a Reality Check 

A mediator can often help the parties understand the weaknesses of their case.   He or she can discuss the alternative to reaching a settlement on their own terms, such as expensive litigation that may drag on for years.   A mediator can discuss recent decisions and point out when the court ruled in the other party’s favor or when a case was not resolved despite ongoing litigation.   This can help the parties develop a more complete understanding of the alternatives.