How to Kill the Mediation of Complex Corporate Litigation in Pensacola FL

Complex corporate litigation in Pensacola Florida is different than other cases because it involves multiple parties and often very high stakes such as trade secret information, business interests or millions of dollars.  However, complex corporate litigation in Pensacola Florida may be resolved through settlement after an effective mediation session or series of sessions.  Mediation helps decrease the costs of the case and produces a custom result.  However, the parties can ruin this opportunity by completing the following:

Not Having Authority

When multiple parties are involved, it is important that each party’s interests are represented during mediation.  If the parties spend days or weeks working on a solution, this agreement can quickly unravel if it is determined that someone whose agreement is necessary to make the agreement binding is lacking.  A party who has not been in the trenches diligently working toward a resolution is less likely to be invested in the agreement reached by the other parties.

Having a Stuck Mindset

Parties should avoid having an inflexible belief that they are right and the others are wrong.  They should explore a number of options and truly consider possible ways to resolve the case with an eye to the future.

Not Being Involved 

Parties must take part in the process and be active participants in order to achieve optimal results.  They can help brainstorm solutions and communicate important information that supports their position, such as presenting evidence in their favor.