The Lawyer’s Role in Employment Disputes in Brevard Country Florida

Employment disputes in Brevard Country Florida may arise in variety of ways.  Employees may not get along with each other, management may disagree about the path of the business or shareholders may believe that the direction of the company is not being followed.  Whether a case is litigated or mediated, a lawyer can serve as a tremendous asset when employment disputes in Brevard Country Florida are involved.  Some roles the lawyer has include:

Explaining Rights 

Whether you are an employee or employer, a lawyer can explain your legal rights to you.  This may include whether you have a right to recovery, what may occur if the case is taken to trial and what damages may be awarded.  Employers may want to know about their right to restrict an employee from divulging confidential information or his or her ability to work for a competitor.  This explanation ensures that the parties are aware of how a settlement or litigation may impact them.


Lawyers are often skilled negotiators.  They may communicate frequently with insurance adjusters, other lawyers or the parties on the other side.  This skill may be put to use in your case by the lawyer negotiating on your behalf.

Knowledge of the Judicial Framework 

Lawyers may be used to going to court, presenting evidence and following civil procedures.  They can explain this process to you.  They can also explain the pitfalls of litigation, such as bad publicity, a long process and possibly high expenses.  If you proceed to litigation, you will at least know what this process entails.