Make the Most Out of Using an Employment Mediator in Live Oak FL

An employment mediator in Live Oak FL helps employers and employees bridge the gap and find a solution that does not implicate the court system.  While the employment mediator in Live Oak FL is  a neutral third party who helps guide the parties in negotiation, there are things that you can do to increase the usefulness of the mediator during your time with him or her, including:

Using the Mediator to Deliver Messages

A mediator is specially trained in conflict resolution.  Parties have very often tried to work out a solution before mediation by communicating.  However, due to misunderstandings, unequal roles in the employment context or other communication breakdowns, they may not succeed on their own.  When a mediator delivers a message from one private caucus to another, he or she can sensitively and objectively deliver this message.  He or she can also assess the temperature of the other room and may suggest a different approach if he or she believes that the current strategy is not effective.  Even if the other party does not verbally communicate certain information, the mediator can also focus on nonverbal cues to determine if a party is getting frustrated, about to pull the plug or has flexibility in a certain area.

Ask the Mediator for the Options

While you may see only two or three possible options after hearing or presenting an offer, a mediator may throw out additional options that you had not even considered.  Rely on this creativity and experience with working with flexible solutions to solve problems.