What Makes It Complex Corporate Litigation in Brevard County FL?

Complex corporate litigation in Brevard County Florida may take on many different forms.  Some of the most common features involving complex corporate litigation in Brevard County Florida include:

Multiple Parties

There may be a number of plaintiffs and/or a number of defendants.  The parties may make up a variety of types, such as individuals, businesses, shareholders, directors or other interested parties.  The case is not as simple as when there is only one plaintiff and defendant.  Each party may have different objectives.  Defendants may point fingers at each other to avoid liability but which can also cause the defendants to help make the plaintiff’s case.  Complex corporate litigation becomes even more complicated because not all of the parties are in agreement regarding a settlement.  If at least one of the parties holds out, the litigation may continue.

Multiple Jurisdictions

When dealing with multiple corporations, there may be a number of different jurisdictions involved.  There may be complex filings involving jurisdiction, choice of law and venue before the case even really starts.  Different regulatory schemes may also be involved.

Complex Issues

The issues may be very complicated, also.  For example, intellectual property rights, rights of shareholders, derivative agreements, complex contracts, business dealings and other complicated matters may be involved in the case.