Mediating Employment Disputes in Tallahassee FL

If you are an employer or employee involved in dispute, you should know that employment disputes in Tallahassee Florida can be easily resolved by means of mediation as opposed to litigation.  Employment mediation has become an increasingly more utilized alternative dispute resolution procedure for reaching resolution in employment disputes in Tallahassee Florida because it is an easier and more effective method than litigation.

Mediation offers both employers and employees the benefit of a trained mediator to facilitate productive negotiation discussions to help them reach an out-of-court settlement.  While an employment mediator does not make a decision regarding the disputed matter like a judge or jury in a court case, the mediator can assist the parties in devising their own mutually satisfactory settlement agreement.  The non-adversarial and cooperative nature of mediation also allows the parties to an employment dispute to maintain amicable relations, which is a big plus in the employment setting.

If an employer and employee wish to mediate their dispute, they will be first required to sign a mediation agreement.  Then, the selected mediator will consult with the parties jointly, in person or by phone to discuss the logistics of how the mediation process will work.  Once the parties reach a voluntary settlement, the agreement will be memorialized in writing and then signed by the parties.  At that point, the mediated settlement agreement is a binding contract.  The process really is that simple, which is why employment mediation has fast become the most economical and efficient way of resolving disputes.