Mediation: Effective Alternative to Resolve Employment Disputes in Melbourne Florida

When people think of employment disputes in Melbourne Florida, they often think about filing a public lawsuit and seeking a lot of monetary damages.   However, mediation is an effective alternative that can avoid negative publicity and expensive legal fees.   Mediation can resolve employment disputes in Melbourne Florida by offering the following benefits:

Acknowledging the Parties’ Feelings 

One of the reasons why mediation is so effective is because it makes the parties feel like they are heard and understood.   When employees feel that their position is acknowledged, they often are open to hearing about ways to resolve the dispute.   Employers who acknowledge their employees can help understand another perspective and break down their walls to work toward a mutual agreement.  

Avoiding Nuclear Resolutions 

Mediation can help avoid a nuclear solution, such as terminating an employee.   Often problems arise in the workplace because of misunderstandings.   Mediation can help the parties resolve their legal issues in an amicable manner.   Likewise, mediation can avoid involving outside governmental agencies that can impose harsh punishments on employers.

Offering Confidentiality   

Mediation is a voluntary process.   Additionally, it is confidential.   Unlike litigating in open court, the information will not become public record in mediation.   If the parties do not reach an agreement in mediation, they can still litigate the case but cannot share anything that was discussed during the mediation process.