Mediation Resolves Employment Disputes in Tallahassee FL

Employment disputes in Tallahassee FL are unfortunately quite common, and can sometimes get contentious when there are accusations of illegal employment actions.  While employment lawsuits often result, employment disputes in Tallahassee FL that are litigated can end up costing a substantial amount of time and money.  This is why more and more Florida employees and employers are mediating their disputes rather than resorting to the court system.

Employment disputes can arise in the workplace for any number of reasons.  Some of the more common allegations in these type of disputes are:

  • Wrongful termination or demotion
  • Sexual harassment
  • Disability discrimination
  • Discrimination based on gender, race or religion
  • Pregnancy Discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Wrongful retaliation for whistleblowing
  • Discrimination based on military service
  • Overtime pay claims
  • Meal and rest break violations
  • Workplace violence

Employment mediation is a less costly and less time-consuming out-of-court process for resolving employment disputes.  Employment mediation is a non-adversarial alternative dispute resolution process where mediating parties are assisted in their settlement negotiations by a third-party mediator.  An employee and employer can agree to mediate their dispute before a lawsuit is ever filed, or even after litigation has already begun.  While mediating parties may hire independent legal counsel, attorneys are not necessary to participate in the mediation process.  Without having to pay attorney’s fees and court costs, the mediating parties are only required to pay the mediator fees, which can be shared between the parties by agreement.

While the typical employment dispute lawsuit can potentially drag on for years, mediated employment disputes tend to get resolved more quickly.  Depending upon the complexity of the case and the cooperation of the parties, some employment disputes can get resolved in one or two mediation sessions.  The time and cost efficiency of the process has made employment mediation the preferred alternative to a lawsuit.