Do You Need a Personal Injury Mediator in Jacksonville FL?

Florida personal injury cases can be quite complex, typically taking over a year to reach a settlement or go to trial.  In the meantime, both parties are required to pay for court costs and attorneys’ fees.  However, parties involved in a personal injury dispute can have their claim resolved more efficiently by opting for personal injury mediation before a lawsuit has even been filed.  A personal injury mediator in Jacksonville Florida can assist you in reaching a settlement agreement for less money and in less time than if you go to court.  Contact a personal injury mediator in Jacksonville Florida for a consultation to find out if mediation is the right choice for you.

Mediation is an informal, voluntary and confidential out-of-court settlement process where disputing parties are supported in their attempts to reach a settlement with the assistance of a trained mediator facilitating negotiation discussions.  Many, if not most, personal injury mediators are attorneys experienced in personal injury law settlement negotiations, making them invaluable assets when it comes to resolving personal injury claims.

An additional advantage of personal injury mediation is that it tends to be less time-consuming than a lawsuit.  Mediation sessions can be scheduled within a few weeks and generally last a few hours.  Depending upon the circumstances, some disputes may even get resolved in a day, as opposed to months or even years when resorting to the court system.  The bottom-line is that the mediation process can resolve personal injury claims without the unnecessary delay, risk, or expense of litigation.