Opportunities Presented when Mediating Employment Disputes in Melbourne Florida

Employment disputes in Melbourne Florida often arise as a result of poor communication between two or more employees or between an employee and employer.   Mediation can be an effective way to resolve employment disputes in Melbourne Florida.   Some opportunities this process may allow include:

Opportunity to Air Grievances 

Mediation gives parties the ability to air grievances and tell their side of the story.   This is often a therapeutic process for the parties who may otherwise have pent up feelings that are not expressed.   Often after the parties have a chance to express themselves they are comfortable moving forward with a settlement.

Opportunity to Address Problems 

When mediation is started early in the process, it allows the employer to address problems before they can become major stressors for the business.   This can allow the employer to implement new policies, consider reassignment or take other action to head off an expensive lawsuit.

Opportunity to Gauge the Other Side’s Case 

Mediation can often be a wake-up call for the parties.   They can hear about the potential witnesses or evidence that may be presented in court.   They can see how the other side may appear in front of a jury.   They can get an impartial opinion about the strengths and weaknesses from the mediator and understand how courts have ruled in similar cases recently.