Settlement Suggestions in Personal Injury Mediation in Palm Bay FL

Personal injury mediation in Palm Bay Florida is distinct from other types of mediation because the process usually involves parties that are strangers to each other.  Unlike in family law or employment law mediation, the parties may have no hope or incentive to have a relationship after the legal issue is involved.  Additionally, personal injury mediation in Palm Bay Florida may be more concerned with money damages than with other types of solutions.  A mediator may make the following suggestions regarding a possible settlement: 

Be Realistic 

The parties should each be willing to accept the weaknesses in their case and to address them during mediation.  These weaknesses should be incorporated into the position.  At the same time, the strengths should also be acknowledged and used to support the settlement figure. 

Support Your Position 

Parties should come prepared to mediation with research that supports their position.  This research should include judgments based on cases that are similar to the one at hand.  If a certain case refuted liability, this can help the defendant underscore its position.  

Prepare a Valuation Range 

Parties may wish to prepare a range for possible settlement before the mediation day.  This should take into account the possible settlement today as well as at a motion for summary judgment and trial.  This range should also take into account the possible legal expenses that will be incurred at each stage.  

Have the Right People at the Table 

Individuals with settlement authority should be present at the table to sign off on a potential agreement.