Personal Injury Mediation in Palm Bay Florida: Key Qualities to Look For

One of the most important decisions to make about personal injury mediation in Palm Bay Florida is who will serve as the mediator.   This individual helps the parties consider their positions, contemplate possible settlements and ultimately resolve their dispute out of court.   Personal injury mediation in Palm Bay Florida can be particularly effective when the mediator has the following qualities:

Ability to Empathize

It is important that the mediator is able to develop a rapport with the parties, especially the accident victim.   Often, parties who feel that they have been heard for the first time are motivated to settle their claim.   The other party also needs to feel that the mediator is not taking sides and understands his or her perspective.

Knowledge of Personal Injury Law 

The mediator should have a strong understanding of personal injury law.   He or she might have a background as a personal injury or insurance defense lawyer.   He or she should also have experience in successfully mediating personal injury cases.   Having this background helps the mediator have a solid grasp of the relevant legal issues.   This background also helps ensure the parties will respect his or her input.


The mediator may confront challenges during the mediation process.   However, with a persistent attitude and a commitment to help the parties fully resolve their legal issues, an amicable settlement is a strong possibility.