Personal Injury Mediator in Brevard County Florida: Key Advantages to Consider

A personal injury mediator in Brevard County Florida can explain the many benefits that mediation offers.   Some of the highlights a personal injury mediator in Brevard County Florida may give include:

  • Confidentiality: Mediation is confidential and can protect your privacy.  You would not have to talk about your private medical information in front of a crowd.   At the same time, the defendant cannot repeat anything that you said during mediation if you decide not to settle your case.
  • Affordable: Mediation is an affordable alternative to pursuing litigation where you might ultimately be stuck with the costs associated with litigation.  Mediating the case may result in lower attorneys’ fees.
  • Control: In mediation, you get to decide whether to take any offered settlement.  A judge is not in control.
  • Faster resolution: You may be able to receive payment from the insurance company within a few weeks instead of waiting years for litigation to drag on.
  • Finality: If you reach a decision in mediation and settle your case, the matter can be final.  You do not have to worry about the possibility of the other side appealing the case so both parties can move on with their lives.