Personal Injury Mediator in Jacksonville FL: You Don’t Need a Day in Court

One of the foundations of the American court system is empowering individuals to have their day in court.  However idyllic this concept seems, a personal injury mediator in Jacksonville Florida can explain how this romanticized vision often does not serve the interests of the parties involved in a legal dispute.  In many instances, retaining the services of a personal injury mediator in Jacksonville Florida can better address the needs of the parties than a day in court would.

Some individuals want their day in court so that they can explain to the judge or jury how wronged he or she feels.  However, in many cases, the victim may have only a very limited opportunity to express this.  He or she must then endure cross-examination in which he or she may be blamed for the accident or accused of exaggerating his or her symptoms.  Many plaintiffs feel like they are victimized twice through this process.  Even if they eventually win their case, the defendant is likely not going to directly admit guilt.  After this grueling process, both parties have lost money in lawyer fees, time in preparing for the case and frustration if things do not go well.

The approach with a mediator is much different.  Mediation is a process in which the parties work together instead of against each other.  The mediator can also explain the power of an apology and the defendant may be more willing to offer it since mediation is a confidential process.  Mediation also helps to humanize the experience between the participants, allowing for personal and professional growth.