Personal Injury Mediator in Pensacola FL Explains How to Demonstrate Empathy

During a case in which a personal injury mediator in Pensacola Florida  is assisting, demonstrating empathy is one of the most important thing to demonstrate.  This is one of the main reasons why a victim may agree to mediation in the first place because he or she wants a more personal experience than being yet another claim number on a desk.  A personal injury mediator in Pensacola Florida who can effectively demonstrate empathy toward both parties can help get the trust of each party and make each party feel understood.

Empathy represents the ability to recognize and share the feelings that someone else has.  Empathy is not the same thing as agreeing to someone else’s point of view as much as it is simply understanding this point of view.  It is an act of stepping into someone else’s shoes.  Empathy helps a mediator connect with the party and build trust.

A major component of demonstrating empathy involves unspoken language.  By leaning forward when someone is talking, maintaining eye contact and nodding your head when in agreement, you show that you are interested in what the other person is saying.  The mediator’s body language can often help communicate this information.  Just as important are the words that the mediator uses.  Acknowledging phrases such as “I understand,” “what I believe you are saying” and “I see” help confirm that the person empathizes with the speaker, building important rapport during the process.