What Are the Potential Advantages of Mediating Instead of Litigating Employment Disputes in Melbourne, Florida?

Employment disputes in Melbourne, Florida can arise when co-workers, employers and employees or other stakeholders in a company do not agree about something and have conflict.  While the parties may contemplate litigation, mediation is often a more effective way to resolve employment disputes in Melbourne, Florida for the following reasons:

  • Greater privacy – Mediation is a confidential process so the parties do not have to air their grievances in a public forum. This may be embarrassing to employees and detrimental to the bottom line for businesses.
  • Reduction of risk – Employment disputes can have negative consequences for both parties. Employees may lose their job by threatening litigation.  Employers may face stiff penalties in front of an unsympathetic jury.
  • Control over the outcome – Going in front of a judge or jury to decide the outcome of an employment dispute is a significant gamble. The parties may wind up with unintended results.  In mediation, the parties can steer the negotiations and agree to something that does not have a significantly negative impact on them.
  • Time savings – No one wants to be locked into a legal battle for years to come. In litigation, there may be extensive discovery.  The court docket may be flooded.  It may be more than a year before the case is heard.  Appeals that stem from a party being unhappy with the outcome can last more years.  Even if a positive outcome occurs, the party that prevails must then try to enforce the judgment, which takes even more time.  Mediation can help the parties have an almost immediate result.