Preparing for Complex Corporate Litigation in Gainesville FL

Complex corporate litigation in Gainesville FL can be complicated and involve thousands of documents and other forms of discovery.  Many cases are effectively lost during the discovery process.  In order to get ahead with complex corporate litigation in Gainesville FL, complete the following preparation:

Inquire about Insurance

Learn about any possible insurance policy that may be able to protect your business from possible liability.  This may be a general liability policy, malpractice policy, errors and omissions insurance or another insurance policy.

Gather Documents

Start to gather documents that you believe are relevant to the case.  Your lawyer may need certain documents when drafting the complaint or response.  Additionally, he or she may soon need this information for the discovery process.  The less time that a lawyer has to take to find the information, the less the extensive legal expense will be.

Interview Key Witnesses

Learn which employees or other individuals may serve as key witnesses in the investigation and start to interview them so that you will know how they will likely affect the case.

Seek Advice about Preservation of Evidence

If a lawsuit is pending, it is very important that you have a solid understanding of the information that you need to preserve in case a lawsuit is filed and discovery is completed.  If evidence suddenly goes missing that should be preserved, this information may ultimately be presumed to be against your favor and the jury may be able to consider this presumption against you.