How to Properly Prepare for Employment Disputes in Melbourne Florida

Employment disputes in Melbourne Florida can be resolved efficiently through the process of mediation.  However, one mistake that parties may make when dealing with these employment disputes in Melbourne Florida is not to take this process seriously enough.  Mediation may be the last day of the case, so the parties should be as prepared as they would be if the case was set for a trial.  Proper preparation for mediation includes:

Discovery Requests

If the dispute has reached the discovery phase, it is important that the parties have requested discovery.  They should include part of these responses in their presentation to the mediator.  The parties and their legal counsel should have a firm understanding of the evidence and be able to provide it quickly as relevant aspects of it come up during the mediation process.  Parties should be able to meaningfully evaluate their case and present it to the mediator and other side in a persuasive manner.

Consider Possible Settlement Options

The parties should carefully consider possible settlement options that they would be satisfied with.  They may think about what types of options make sense and may serve as a compromise, such as considering reassignment, changing work schedules or asking for a recommendation letter.  Mentally preparing for mediation is an important aspect of the process.

Have a Settlement Strategy

Before walking into mediation, the parties should have a clear understanding with their lawyer on how they plan to negotiate. This allows the parties to have a game plan in place well before information is exchanged in mediation.