How to Resolve Employment Disputes in Jacksonville FL

Employment disputes in Jacksonville Florida can create a significant amount of drama and discord in the workplace, since both parties typically feel misunderstood and victimized in some way.  Whether the disagreement is a result of a mere personality clash, or a more serious allegation such as illegal discrimination or sexual harassment, employment disputes in Jacksonville Florida can be resolved through mediation in a more time and cost efficient manner than in a typical employment lawsuit.

Employment mediation is a voluntary alternative dispute resolution procedure where a neutral third-party mediator facilitates productive communications to assist the parties involved in an employment dispute in their efforts to reach a mutually satisfactory settlement agreement.  Employment mediation has been proven to be a very effective non-adversarial method of amicably resolving even the most contentious employment disputes.  Even in circumstances where the disputing parties have reached an impasse in their efforts to find a resolution to an employment dispute on their own, mediation can still work to help the parties find common ground from which an agreement can be reached.

The reason why mediation often works better than litigation usually comes down to a mediator’s skill at making the parties feel more comfortable, especially in disputes between employers and employees where there is an undeniable imbalance of power.  Additionally, employment mediation is generally a quicker and more economical alternative to an expensive and protracted employment lawsuit, since the expenses related to mediation tend to be less than attorney’s fees and can be shared between the parties.