Why Settling Employment Disputes in Gainesville FL through Mediation Makes Sense

Employment disputes in Gainesville Florida can arise for any number of reasons.  Many stem from inter-personal issues between employees and supervisors.  They can range from anything as minimal as a disagreement about a particular workplace process to something as serious as a claim regarding sexual harassment.  Employment disputes in Gainesville Florida do not have to be allowed to flourish in a courtroom.  They can be effectively handled through mediation.

Mediation provides an opportunity to resolve a problem quickly while maintaining confidentiality.  The parties often view the process as more fair than a courtroom since they feel like they are on the same level.  The mediator assists the parties throughout the non-adversarial negotiation.  Each party has the ability to air grievances, to listen to the other side’s perspective and to communicate his or her own perspective.  This often allows the parties to identify common interests that they have so that they can find ways to address these interests.

One of the most significant advantages of resolving workplace disputes through mediation is that the parties get to come up with their own solutions.  This helps the parties to feel empowered and is usually satisfying for them to be part of the solution.  Additionally, parties involved in the mediation of workplace disputes often learn positive ways to communicate through any future problems that may arise, helping to reduce conflict in the future.