Settling Employment Disputes in Tallahassee FL

Employment disputes in Tallahassee FL are different from other types of legal disputes because of the type of relationships involved.  Employment cases are not only about money, since what we do for a living defines and gives us our identities.  Consequently, employment mediation can be especially helpful in resolving employment disputes in Tallahassee FL because of the non-economic aspects involved.

Employment claims can involve complex money damage issues such as back pay, front pay attorney’s fees, and exemplary damages.  Employment cases also involve a wide variety of complex emotional issues as well.   An employee who has been harassed or abused at work is likely going to feel shame, anger, and betrayal.  The employer who has been accused of wrong doing will likely feel stigmatized, angry, and humiliated.  Both employees and employers involved in an employment dispute will probably feel that their careers and economic futures are on the line.

Settlement considerations are a bit different in employment cases.  The litigation and transaction costs of an employment lawsuit can be extremely high, with document production, discovery depositions, and dispositive motions, easily causing defense cost to rise over $70,000.00 just to get a ruling on a motion.  Consequently, mediation can work as a settlement tool in employment disputes.  Employment mediation focuses the parties’ time and energy on settlement negotiations taking place on a single day mediation session, which actually involves less time than the traditional “back and forth” style of attorney negotiation.  Additionally, the neutral mediator can listen empathetically to the parties in order to allow some venting of emotions, which can work wonders in moving the parties past their differences so that they can focus on reaching a settlement agreement.