Special Considerations in Selecting an Employment Mediator in Melbourne Florida

An employment mediator in Melbourne Florida can help parties resolve discrimination claims, unfair wage claims, conflicts between employees and other employment issues.   When retaining the services of an employment mediator in Melbourne Florida, it is important to factor in the following considerations:

Special Needs 

The mediator should be aware of any special needs of either party.   For example, if one of the parties is emotionally fragile plaintiff, the mediator should be aware of this.   This can help the mediator adapt his or her approach to be more sensitive and aware of the party’s feelings.   If one of the parties has a history of being discriminated against, this is important for the mediator to know so that he or she can isolate the current issue from this history.

Dynamics between the Parties 

The mediator should have a strong understanding of the dynamics between the parties.   If there have been previous negative interactions, the mediator should understand this potential obstacle to their ability to communicate effectively together.   Either party can reach out to the mediator before the process to inform him or her of these dynamics beforehand so that the mediator can anticipate issues and resolve them in the moment.


The mediator should also be aware if one of the parties has a stubborn attitude, which can hinder the mediation process.   A mediator can appeal to a stubborn personality by showing what he or she stands to lose with this position.